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The Industrial Enterprise Development Institute (IEDI) is a national resource organisation committed to entrepreneurship development through training, research, consultancy, and enterprise education. IEDI facilitates a number of training courses that educate participants in valuable business skills and best practice methods. IEDI aims to improve the economic situation of Nepal by providing enterprise education and support to potential and existing entrepreneurs (who are micro, small and medium sized business owners). IEDI offers its services and training across Nepal. The IEDI central office is in Tripureshwor, Kathmandu and the branch offices are in Bharatpur, Pokhara, Nepalgunj, and Butwal


“Leading on entrepreneurship movement throughout the country toward formal and sustainable enterprising.”


“Transforming IEDI into a national resource centre on enterprise development to drive on the upfront players (entrepreneurship movers/enterprise facilitators/technical and management service providers) across Nepal.”


IEDI works to the benefit of all Nepali by contributing to the growth of the country’s economy. Chiefly, IEDI contributes by empowering and upskilling Nepal’s entrepreneurs, both potential and existing. Through partnerships with Nepal’s Government, international development agencies and international and local NGOs, IEDI offers training and other services to potential entrepreneurs and existing micro, small and medium sized business owners, managers and key staff. The direct beneficiaries of IEDI training programmes can be categorised into three groups:

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