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Industrial Environment Management Program (IEMP).

IEDI conducted a focused program called Industrial Environment Management Program (IEMP).  The main purpose of the program was to enhance capacity of SMEs to improve their business competitiveness through improving in resource utilization, energy use and maintaining safety & hygiene of staff. IEMP was implemented by IEDI since December 2005 to December 2008 with the support of Denmark Embassy to Nepal.


The IEMP capacitated to Cottage and Small Industry (CSI) sector through the improved practice on resource conservation and better environmental management, using tools and techniques of Environment Management System as clean production, energy efficiency, work place improvement, food safety and so on. Similarly, it contributed significantly in the promotion of entrepreneurial skill in enterprises for better economic development of the sector, especially those owned by women entrepreneurs, thereby leading to employment generation and poverty reduction. In addition, the IEMP facilitated in capacity building for the enforcement of environmental legislation.

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