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Small Business Promotion Project (SBPP).

IEDI was established in 1996 as successor of Industrial Enterprise Development Centre which itself was a successor of the Small Business Promotion Project(SBPP), a joint project established in 1994 between the Ministry of Industry, Nepal and  GIZ, then German Technical Co-operation(GTZ). The enterprise development approach pioneered by the by the project is being implemented in various countries in Asia, Africa and South America.

SBPP started in Nepal from 1983 which was implemented for a period of 12 years in IV phase. SBPP as a program was quite new in Nepali business environment due to its program modality. It designed as an integrated program comprising  the following  core functions targeting to small and microenterprises;

  • Business Start up
  • Business Expansion and Growth
  • Revolving Fund for Loan
  • CapacityBuilding of Intermediary Organization

During the project phase SBPP developed, tested and disseminated several training and business counseling packages which were implemented through its 7 field offices located in Dharan, Pokhara, Butwal, Bhairawa, Chitwan and Nepalgunj and SBPP head office in Kathmandu. SBPP had lunched a very successful program called Micro-Enterprise Creation and Development (MECD). Various organizations involved in business development services rated the MECD a very customized to the needs of micro-entrepreneurs. So, MECD program has been a widely implemented package in Nepal.

Considering the success and growing demand of SBPP’s support modality, the Government of Nepal and German Government decided to institutionalize SBBP as a National Organizational. As a result, Industrial Enterprise Development Institute (IEDI) was established with wider agenda compared to SBPP. Hence, IEDI has been continuing the services of SBPP along with support programs targeted to SMEs.

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