Welcome to Industrial Enterprise Development Institute IEDI


TIMS Version 3 has been developed in order to simplify the process of collecting details for both courses and students, provided by IEDI.


The data must be entered using the Google Form only. DO NOT enter or edit data directly in the Google Sheet as doing so will corrupt the data stored in Google.

The following table contains links and basic usage instructions:

URL/Link Details
Add New Student
  • Use this to enter the details of a new student.
  • Launches the Google Form embedded in the IEDI website.
  • If you need to edit this form, for example add new values, you can do so here – Edit Form
Edit/Update Student Details
  • Use this to locate an existing student record and edit or update it.
  • Use this to view graphical reports that are automatically updated when data is entered or updated.
Raw Data Google Sheet
  • Don’t edit this! But you can look at it to see how the data is structured in SpreadSheet, and you can also create additional graphical reports.
Awesome Table
  • Awesome Table generates the interface to allow you to edit or update a student record. This will launch in a new tab and you require the iedi.tims@gmail account to login.


TIMS V3 Dashboard