IEDI offers a range of services from personal business consulting and research, to large scale classroom style training sessions on entrepreneurship and business management.

Entrepreneurship Development Training

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) is IEDI’s flagship education programme which can cover basic business skills to advanced management practises. IEDI works with its partners to create tailor-made EDP packages from a range of training units (which can be viewed on the following page) to suite the abilities of the participants and the desired training outcome of the partners. The training units focuses on teaching with real world examples and methods of best practice. IEDI also aims to provide each EDP participant with valuable outputs from their training, such as a development of business plan which can be referenced to as a guide and used to secure start-up investment.

A. Training for Potential and Starting Entrepreneurs

  • Business Awareness
  • Micro Enterprise Creation (MEC)/New Business Creation (NBC)
  • Entrepreneurial Competency Development
  • Business Identification and Selection
  • Business Planning and Feasibility Study
    These training are offered from 5 to 10 days duration upon the level of participants and their need.

B. Training for Existing Entrepreneurs and Enterprises

  • Business Management and enterprise development
  • Sales techniques
  • Marketing Management
  • Production Management and Productivity Improvement
  • Book Keeping, Book Keeping with VAT
  • Financial Management
  • Business Expansion/Growth
  • Family Business Management
  • Skill Development
  • Business Counselling
    These training are offered from 3 to 5 days duration upon the level of participants and their need.

C. Services for Intermediary Organisations

Training of Trainers

IEDI has a comprehensive Training of Trainers (ToT) programme. Graduates of this ToT programme are qualified to conduct their own Entrepreneurship Development Training using a selection of IEDI material and practices.

  • Training of Trainers on MECD, NBC, EDP, SIYB and Small Business Management
  • Training of Business Consultants
  • Training on Teaching Skills Improvement (TSI)

Other Services

  • Library/Information Management Training
  • Business Potentiality and Training Needs Assessment
  • Training Programme on Project Development
  • Market and Impact Study of Business Development Services (BDS)

D. Business Development Centre (BDC)

As per the concept of One Stop Shop (OSS), IEDI established Business Development Centre as a unit in Head Office, Kathmandu to provide business related information and counselling services more effectively to potential and existing enterprises/entrepreneurs.

E. Library and Information Service

In order to serve the diverse need of entrepreneurs, professionals, consultants, researchers, academicians and students, IEDI library has an adequate number of books and journals, along with large number of reference materials on entrepreneurship, industrial profile, business management, and technical know-how.

F. Research and study

Most of the IEDI’s programme packages are developed, building on the action research. Various researches (particularly in the field of socio-economic analysis, impact assessment, business feasibility, baseline survey, sub-sector/value-chain analysis, etc.) have also been carried out by IEDI.